Key results for the 3 diseases in countries where the Global Fund invests

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Key results for the previous year (2021) in countries where the Global Fund invests include:

  • For HIV:
    • 23.3 million people received lifesaving antiretroviral therapy for HIV, continuing the trend of a rising number of people on treatment for the virus.
    • 69% of people living with HIV had a suppressed viral load.
    • 12.5 million people reached with HIV prevention services including 5.8 million people from populations most at risk and 6.1 million young people – recovering the ground lost in 2020 when prevention services had dropped.
  • For TB:
    • 5.3 million people treated for TB; 110,000 people treated for drug-resistant TB – putting us on a trajectory of recovery following the sharp drops in 2020. One person with active TB can spread the disease to as many as 15 people in a year.
    •  395,000 people in contact with TB patients are provided with preventive therapy, ramping up our efforts to prevent people at the highest risk of TB from progressing from TB infection to disease.
    • 283,000 HIV-positive TB patients were put on antiretroviral drugs. TB is the leading cause of death among people living with HIV.
  • For Malaria:
    • 280 million suspected cases of malaria tested, registering significant gains in efforts to ensure all people who may have malaria are diagnosed.
    • 148 million cases of malaria treated, continuing the recovery in efforts to ensure all people who are diagnosed with malaria are treated swiftly to prevent deaths.
    • 133 million mosquito nets distributed to protect families from malaria. Additionally, 12.5 million pregnant women provided with preventive therapy for malaria, saving women’s lives and preventing adverse birth outcomes.

Thanks to the mobilization of countries and communities and the generous support of our donors, C19RM is delivering results and HIV and malaria programs have recovered to exceed the 2019 levels. Results achieved in the fight against TB are also on the rise. But 2019 levels are not where we were planning to be in 2021, meaning we are still off track to reach the Sustainable Development Goal targets of ending the three diseases. Additionally, we are now confronted by the prospect of a new global health crisis, triggered by the impact of conflict and climate change on food and energy.

“In 2002 the world came together and created the Global Fund, a unique partnership of governments, civil society, private sector and communities. In these challenging times, that level of global commitment is needed once again to get back on track and achieve good health and well-being for all by 2030.”


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