Health Minister, Permanent Secretary call on public to embrace Malaria vaccination 

May 5, 2024Health, Malaria

The Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng and Health Minister Permanent Secretary have made a collective call to Ugandans to embrace the upcoming vaccination of children against Malaria. Speaking during activities to commemorate the World Malaria Day in Kibuku District on May 3, Dr. Aceng thanked the Global Fund and all Uganda’s partners and stakeholders in the fight against Malaria for their unwavering support. In reference to the quantities of the Malaria vaccine, Dr Aceng said, “What we’ve been given will cover 105 districts and we’ll start with the high burden districts.’ She added that the vaccine is administered four times and it is for children under 5 years. At the same event, the Health Minister revealed that the Health Ministry is developing a new strategy against Malaria after which it will be presented to Parliament.

On her part, Dr Atwine called upon the public to trust science and government as the Ministry prepares to roll out vaccination against Malaria later this year. She also called upon leaders at all levels to sensitize the public towards the benefits of ensuring that their children are vaccinated against malaria. “As leaders, your voice counts and therefore use your platforms effectively in the fight against Malaria,” she said. Dr Atwine also reminded the public of their shared responsibility and the vital role they have to play in the fight against Malaria. “We want you to know that the responsibility of fighting malaria lies in your hands,” she added.

According to Health Ministry data and related reports, vaccinations against malaria could prove vital in slowing and eradicating the disease which kills 16 Ugandans daily and causes an estimated annual economic loss of about Shs1.9 trillion. Relatedly, on his recent visit to Uganda, the Global Fund executive Director, Mr Peter Sands said getting rid of Malaria will among others lead to huge economic benefits and reduce the burden on health care givers among others.

According to Health Ministry officials, Uganda intends to start malaria vaccinations towards the end of this year. The vaccination will be administered in four doses at six, seven, eight and 18 months respectively.   

The vaccination campaign is supported among others by the World Health Organisation, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, Unicef, Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.


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