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Funds Coordination Unit of the Global Fund

The Funds Coordination Unit (FCU) was set up in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) as the Principal Recipient (PR) to handle day-to-day oversight duties as they relate to the implementation of the Global Fund Grants.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (GFATM) is an international partnership that provides free grants to lower-income countries with high disease burdens such as Uganda. Specifically, it focuses on the prevention and control of the three diseases HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis.

Implementation is handled by the Ministry of Health. The overall objective of the Funds Coordination Unit is to support the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development to ensure effective and efficient operation of the interventions supported by the Global Fund resources. The FCU functions are vested in Public Financial Management (PFM) Reforms Coordination Unit (RCU).

MoFPED is the Principal Recipient for the Public Sector grants under the Implementation Arrangements for the Global Fund Grants to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

The Global Fund regularly publishes and updates documents and reports on our partnership, operations and results. They are available for download in this section.

The Global Fund Grants are approved in line with Country Led Systems that is: National Development Plan III(NDPIII), The respective National Strategic Plans for the Specific Diseases(HIV/TB/MAL)under Ministry of Health, The Sustainable Development Goals, and the “Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022, investing to End Epidemic.

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Management Team

Mr. Johnson Mutesigensi

Mr. Johnson Mutesigensi

Programme Coordinator REAP & Global Fund-Uganda

Mr. Mutesigensi is the Reforms Coordinator at the PFM Reforms Coordination Unit of MofPED responsible for the effective delivery of REAP.

 Mr. Laban Mbulamuko

Mr. Laban Mbulamuko

Ag. Director Budget

Mr. Mbulamuko is the Acting Director of Budget at MoFPED with experience in planning, public expenditure management, budgeting, macroeconomic management, and public administration.

Mr. Patrick Ocailap

Mr. Patrick Ocailap

REAP Task Manager/ Deputy Secretary to the Treasury

Mr Ocailap is the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury of MofPED and the Resource Enhancement & Accountability Programme (REAP) Task Manager.


The Finance function facilitates the Principal Recipient’s oversight over the Global Fund Grants including; Grant Financial Management, Financial Risk Management, Fiduciary Assurance, and Financial Data Integrity among others.

Change Management
The Change Management function supports the strategic and systematic approach to change needs that are associated with the Global Fund Grants. The function also supports reforming and evolving systems, procedures, norms, and behaviors that are central to the effective implementation of Global Fund Grants.

The Communications function leads the management of the communication and advocacy component of the Global Fund financing activities as they relate to the three diseases and contribute to the national goal of promoting the National and International Response to HIV and AIDS epidemic, TB, and Malaria in Uganda

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation
The Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation function supports the planning, implementation, monitoring, and knowledge management of the Global Fund grants under MoFPED. The Unit supports Performance, Accountability, and Quality assurance processes for the performance update/disbursement requests (PUDRs), specifically ensuring that programs (HIV, TB, and Malaria) are developing the required operational plans and relevant monitoring and evaluations mechanisms.

Risk Management
The Risk Management function provides focused capacity, problem-solving, forward thought insights, and responses to improve the risk management performance. The function analyzes efficiency and effectiveness, prioritizes improvement opportunities, builds responses, and details achievable action plans for their implementation.

Purchasing & Supply Management
The Purchasing & Supply Management/Logistics function is responsible for supporting oversight and management of procurement for all health commodities, supplies, and services required for the implementation of the Global Fund Grants.

Human Resources and Administration
The function supports the human resources management and administration needs of the Funds Coordination Unit. The function helps to operate with greater self-sufficiency to strengthen grant implementation and funds coordination oversight between the Ministry of Health and MoFPED.

Funds Coordination Unit of the Global Fund Grants