FCU holds Performance review and Stakeholder engagement meeting

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The Funds Coordination Unit of the Global Fund Grants held a stakeholder engagement and performance review retreat between 8-9 September at the Serena Hotel in Kigo.

The Retreat aimed to clarify the role of the Funds Coordination Unit (FCU) and promote an understanding of the roles of the various stakeholders and their contribution towards mobilization and implementation of the Global Fund Grants.

The retreat was also organised as an avenue to provide feedback on the performance of the FCU and facilitate performance improvement while fostering a conducive environment through which stakeholders can interact and share feedback with the FCU and create an improved sense of teamwork.

The meeting was attended by stakeholders from the Ministry of Health, the Global Fund Local Fund Agent (LFA), the Country Coordinating Mechanism, and the Director Budgets representative from the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development.

Speaking at the retreat FCU Coordinator Mr. Johnson Mutesigensi spoke of how the FCU has progressed since its formation in 2016 to date (2022).

The Coordinator acknowledged the LFA and CCM for having played a key role in the transition journey and he reminded participants about the daily responsibility that we all have to account for GF resources hence the need to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively utilized.

The LFA’s Dawson Kalemba acknowledged and appreciated support from the FCU.

“According to the Local Fund Agent, the broad role and expectation of the Funds Coordination Unit is to be Principal Recipient 1 in fact and in appearance,” he said.

He encouraged the FCU to look at the entire sphere of the Global Fund grants that are being implemented in order to map out the risks accordingly.

Speaking at the same event the Global Fund National Facilitator, Dr. Damian Rutazana said it is important to harmonize the expectations of MoH, MoFPED, and stakeholders.

“We appreciate the FCU support and collaborations with the Ministry of Health because it has improved our ability to close GF grant implementation gaps and issues quickly,” he said.

He encouraged FCU to continue participating in GF monthly performance review meetings in order to highlight risk areas and encourage improvement in grant implementation.


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