Malaria disease trends in Uganda

Sep 22, 2022Featured Stories, Health, Malaria, News

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of malaria cases in Uganda has been rising since January this year.

For instance, of the 11.25 million patients who had visited outpatient departments since the start of the year, about 3.15 million had malaria.  Close to 775,000 malaria cases were children under five years old.

According to data extracted from District Health Information System 2 and shared in the recent Weekly Malaria Report (released on 17th September), the level of inadequate RDT stock rose to 12% up from 11% the previous week. The Districts had that had inadequate ACT stock increase to 34% from 30% the previous week.

The number of districts that recorded Malaria upsurges reduced from 50 districts in the previous week to the current 44 districts. Confirmed Malaria Cases rose to 218,397 in comparison to 214 814 in the previous week.

The reporting rate stood at 86 from 87 in the previous week while Malaria deaths rose to 30, in comparison to 26 in the previous week.

About 9 districts moved out of upsurge this week, these were: Ibanda, Kole, Kotido, Kween, Maracha, Mayuge, Mityana, Pader & Zombo 3 district moved into upsurge and these were: Bugweri, Bulambuli & Kaliro

In line with the current trends, it is recommended that there is consistent response support to districts in high transmission regions to reduce the number of districts moving back into upsurge by the Case management team. The Procurement and Supply Chain Management team will continue following up on over stocked districts to verify overstocks and plan redistribution of excess ACTs and RDTs.

It is also recommended that the Monitoring and Evaluation team follows up with Biostatisticians on data quality and districts with low reporting rates while the Case management team continues to engage and offer technical support to facilities consistently reporting malaria deaths.


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