Stock-taking exercise held at NMS warehouse

Jul 16, 2022Featured Stories, News

Counting and reconciliation during the stock-taking exercise at the NMS warehouse in Entebbe.

The National Medical Stores (NMS) drugs and related medical supplies stock-taking and reconciliation exercise took place recently between the 14-15 of July at the NMS Warehouse in Entebbe. The exercise was conducted among others by representatives from the Funds Coordination Unit (FCU) of the Global Fund, the Ministry of Health, the Local fund Agent of the Global Fund (Price Water House Coopers), and the Office of the Auditor General among others. 

The stocktaking exercise allows key stakeholders and partners in the drug and medical supplies sphere to keep an accurate track of the available physical stock, and establish what has been sold and what has not been sold. The exercise is essentially about comparing the available physical stock to what the existing stock report says. This enables the stock takers to establish if there are any inconsistencies or discrepancies that need to be addressed.

Participants in the stock-taking exercise at the NMS warehouse in Entebbe.

Some of the drug stocks and medical supplies are at the NMS warehouse in Entebbe.


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